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Most people will look at your website well before they pick up the phone and talk to you. You are competing for their time, and you are competing with other publishers. Your website is your only worldwide 24/7 marketing tool. Because it is often the first point of contact for your most critical constituents "the media, reviewers, and potential customers", you need a website that establishes your credibility and engages, informs and motivates. offers affordable full-service website development, including graphic design, information architecture, user-analysis, programming and even e-commerce functionality. We understand how to organize and present information on a website that is captivating and user-friendly, generates repeat visits, builds your brand, and increases book sales. Your website can be designed to leverage the impact of video and other multi-media elements, and also integrate social media, including blogs and the most relevant online communities. We also know how to optimize your website for higher rankings in online search engines such as Google and Yahoo. We build websites that are easy to update so that you can promote book signings, releases and other events on a timely basis.

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