To Unearth The Truth

The Discover process begins by gathering relevant information from a variety of sources including all stakeholders. We then analyze the findings, and formulate, filter and refine ideas for further development. studies every aspect of your products and services and the customers who use them, including how and in what context. We approach this Discover stage with an open mind and a determination to challenge conventional thinking, sacred cows, and ideas long accepted yet unfounded. This stage often provokes healthy soul searching by your own management and marketing teams. That is a good thing.

We delve beyond the “what“ to get to the root of “why“. We discover how and why your existing products succeed, fall short of expectations or fail to gain traction in the market and whither. We create comprehensive profiles of your target market and your competitors and present you with a multi-dimensional diagnosis of your strengths, weaknesses and vulnerabilities. This is the groundwork we lay before creating products that propel your business.

User Research

Using tools such as ethnographic studies, surveys, investigations, we develop a multi-dimensional understanding of the end-users that transcends mere demographics and statistics. We study end-user attitudes, needs, preferences, and how they interact with products and services.

This is often the most revelatory step in the Discover phase and typically yields insights into unmet needs and uncovers opportunities for product improvement and innovation. Design research contributes new and fresh ideas that complement the design thinking and design process.

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